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April 2016

IBTA Updates

IBTA Updates OFA Workshop 2016 Attendees on InfiniBand Virtualization Support

Today’s data center and cloud environments are seeing an increased use of virtualized workloads. As this trend continues, it’s important for the IBTA to standardize support for virtualization, especially with InfiniBand growing in prevalence within the enterprise data center industry. Earlier this month at the OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) Workshop 2016, Liran Liss of member company Mellanox Technologies provided an update on the IBTA’s ongoing work to develop the InfiniBand Virtualization Annex. During the session, Liss laid out the IBTA’s goals to make the Virtualization Annex scalable, explicit, backward compatible and, above all, simple in both implementation and management.

Links to download the session slides and video can be found in our latest blog post.

Latest InfiniBand Integrators’ List and RoCE Interoperability List Now Available

The IBTA recently finalized results from Plugfest 28 and published the latest InfiniBand Integrators’ List and RoCE Interoperability List. The two lists make up the backbone of our Integrators’ Program and are designed to support data center managers, CIOs and other IT decision makers with their planned InfiniBand and RoCE deployments for enterprise and high performance computing systems. To keep data up to date and as useful as possible, both documents are refreshed twice a year following bi-annual plugfests, which are held at the University of New Hampshire InterOperability Lab.

For more on Plugfest 28 results, check out our blog.

InfiniBand Updates

The Ultimate Debate – Interconnect Offloading Versus Onloading

With the rise of multi-core CPUs and CPU-centric system architectures in the HPC market, system performance bottlenecks have shifted to the network interconnect. Gilad Shainer of IBTA member company Mellanox Technologies explored this issue in a recent guest article, comparing CPU offloading and onloading as viable solutions for improving application performance. Shainer makes the case that the offloading architecture has become the critical element in overcoming performance bottlenecks. Moreover, further performance gains will be achieved by executing process communication operations while the data moves across the network.

Read the guest article on HPCwire for additional insight into offloading versus onloading interconnects..

The New Library of Alexandria Builds Up Its Supercomputing Powers

In its time, the Library of Alexandria was one of the richest collections of knowledge in the world. Destroyed over a thousand years ago, the ancient library was commemorated in 2002 by the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, a modern library and cultural center that will soon sport a new high performance supercomputer. The HPC cluster will feature high-speed InfiniBand interconnects, providing 188 teraflops of theoretical peak speed. It will primarily run applications for bioinformatics, data mining, physics simulations, weather forecasting, resource exploration and cloud computing.

For more on the new Library of Alexandria supercomputer, read ZDNet's coverage.

Member Announcements

Oracle Delivers 10x Performance Improvement in Cloud Network Infrastructure

Oracle announced its new Oracle Enhanced Data Rate (EDR) InfiniBand Fabric, an SDN-enabled, 100 Gb/s converged fabric for enterprise customers. The new solution better integrates Oracle’s application software into its InfiniBand network-fabric silicon and switches. These capabilities enable customers to more easily embrace cloud computing and respond to changing business demands.

View Oracle’s official announcement to learn more.

European Supercomputer Center (VSC) Selects Mellanox’s End-to-End EDR 100 Gb/s InfiniBand Solution to Further Science and Medical Research

The Flemish Supercomputer Center (VSC) in Belgium tabbed Mellanox’s 100 Gb/s EDR interconnect solutions for its new LX-series supercomputer. After integrating EDR InfiniBand into its system, the new supercomputer will be capable of reaching 623 teraflops of peak performance, which will rank it among the top 150 fastest supercomputers in the world. This increased performance will help VSC perform critical research in environmental sustainability, atmospheric modeling, new materials research and medical research.

For more on the news, check out the press release from Mellanox.

QLogic Introduces New Ethernet Connectivity Products for Telco, Enterprise, Managed Service Provider, Cloud and Storage Customers

QLogic announced the new QLogic FastLinQ 4500 Series of Ethernet Controllers at Mobile World Congress, which will enable 10, 25, 40, 50 and 100GbE connectivity on a single high-performance ASIC. Featuring RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) support, the FastLinQ 4500 Series improves overall server efficiency and performance by offloading data movement from the CPU. The new series of controllers will address the needs of the telco, enterprise, managed service provider (MSP), cloud and storage markets.

View QLogic's’s official announcement to learn more.

Mellanox Announces New Line of InfiniBand Router Systems

Mellanox recently introduced a new line of EDR 100 Gb/s InfiniBand router systems, enabling higher scalability for mega data center deployments. HPC, cloud, Web 2.0, machine learning and enterprise applications will experience consistent high-performance and low latency operation, which are considered mission critical for such use cases. The SB7780 InfiniBand Router series brings increased resiliency by segregating a system’s network into several subnets and delivers scalability to an unlimited number of nodes.

Check out HPCwire's coverage to learn more.

New Oracle Exadata X6 Database Machine Delivers Next-Generation Flash Performance, Massive Storage Capacity, and Real-Time OLTP

Oracle unveiled the new Oracle Exadata X6 Database Machine, which brings added performance, capacity and availability to online transaction processing (OLTP), analytics and consolidated database workloads. The solution features InfiniBand networking in addition to the latest Xeon processors from Intel and Oracle Exadata Storage Servers and Storage Server Software. Oracle Exadata X6 is available for deployments on premises or via Oracle’s Database Exadata Cloud Service, which is managed by experts from Oracle.

View Oracle's press release for more on the new Exadata X6.

Upcoming Events

Flash Memory Summit (FMS) 2016, August 9-11, 2016.

The IBTA will be an official organizational sponsor for the first time at FMS 2016. Held annually in Santa Clara, CA, FMS is the world’s largest conference dedicated to flash memory technology, showcasing flash-based storage solutions from leading supplies revolutionizing every aspect of the datacenter. Through keynotes, technical session and exhibit floor booths, attendees will learn about the latest flash trends and developments driving the industry. Keep an eye out for updates on IBTA activities on site at FMS!

For information, visit the event website.

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