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October 2015

InfiniBand Updates

Race to Exascale – Nations Vie to Build Fastest Supercomputer

The race between countries to build the fastest, biggest or first of anything is nothing new. Currently, there is a global competition focused on supercomputing, specifically the race to Exascale computing or a billion calculations per second. When designing the supercomputers of the future, system architects consider a number of factors, including superior application performance, compute scalability and resource efficiency.

For more on the race to Exascale, check out the IBTA blog.

Changes to the Modern Data Center – Recap from SDC 15

Last month, the IBTA presented on RDMA technology at the recent 2015 Storage Developer Conference. Intel’s David Cohen, System Architect and Brian Hausauer, Hardware Architect spoke on behalf of IBTA in a pre-conference session to discuss “Nonvolatile Memory (NVM), four trends in the modern data center and implications for the design of next generation distributed storage systems.” Specifically, the pair covered the increasing demand for cloud storage as well as the need for higher processor performance.

Read the IBTA blog for an in-depth overview of their presentation.

Oracle’s Next Sparc Chip will Feature On-board InfiniBand

At the recent Hot Chips semiconductor conference at Stanford University, Oracle introduced its new Sparc processor, codenamed “Sonoma,” which will leverage InfiniBand connectors between the core clusters. Driving the decision was InfiniBand’s ability to provide a very fast interconnect between two chips, in addition to InfiniBand’s lower latency compared to Ethernet.

Read the article on ITWorld for more details.

Myths, Facts and Other Jargon about InfiniBand Partitions

Neeraj Gupta, IBTA Compliance and Interoperability Working Group Co-Chair from member company Oracle, discusses some common myths and facts surrounding InfiniBand partitions in a recent blog post.

Check out his post on the Oracle blog to learn more.

RoCE Updates

RDMA over Converged Ethernet Delivers Efficient Lightweight Transport

In a recent Electronic Design article, Bill Lee, IBTA Marketing Working Group Co-Chair from member company Mellanox Technologies, covers the ever-growing deluge of data and how this trend is driving the need for optimized data center performance. He then makes the case for RDMA over Converged Ethernet (RoCE) as a viable solution for CIOs and data center managers looking for a cost-effective way to improve productivity for their Ethernet-based infrastructure.

Read Electronic Design’s article for more on the benefits of RoCE.

Interoperable RoCE: Plugfest 28 on the Horizon

With the advent of the RoCE standard, IBTA has put together one of the most rigorous interoperability programs in the industry to show that products within the RoCE ecosystem will work together seamlessly. Initial RoCE Interoperability testing occurred at Plugfest 27 last April, which resulted in the first RoCE Interoperability List. As Plugfest 28 wraps up this month, we are pleased to see continued interest in expanding the number of interoperable RoCE products in the ecosystem.

For more on RoCE Interoperability testing, check out the RoCE Initiative blog.

RDMA Enabling Storage Technology Revolution

In a recent insideHPC article, Michael Kagan, CTO of member company Mellanox Technologies, examines the explosion of data creation and how RDMA-based protocols can solve storage network bottlenecks.

Access the article in its entirety here.

New RoCE Solution Brief - Lenovo Accelerates File Storage I/O by up to 82 Percent

With RoCE supported I/O connectivity, transaction intensive and performance hungry data center applications, such as financial, content delivery, Web 2.0 and data mining, are accelerated for higher business effectiveness that can translate to increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

Download the full brief here.

Member Announcements

Qualcomm and Mellanox Collaborate to Enable Advanced, Cost-Effective Data Center Platforms for Servers and Storage

Mellanox Technologies is collaborating with Qualcomm to deliver an optimized platform for scalable server and storage infrastructures. Mellanox's expertise in 10, 25, 40, 50 and 100 Gigabit per-second Ethernet and InfiniBand interconnect technology provides solutions for efficient hyperscale deployments including Web 2.0, cloud, big data, database and storage applications. When paired with Qualcomm's server CPU, the combined solution will enable advanced and cost-effective platforms for the next generation of datacenter infrastructure, bringing a significant return on investment.

Read the official press release for additional information.

Upcoming Tradeshows

IBTA SC15 Birds of a Feather Session, November 17, 2015 at 12:15 p.m. CST

Join the IBTA at SC15 in Austin, TX as it hosts a Birds of a Feather session focused on “The Challenge of A Billion Billion Calculations per Second: InfiniBand Roadmap Shows the Future of the High Performance Standard Interconnect for Exascale Programs.” This session will share the InfiniBand Roadmap, the latest additions to it with the goal of enabling data center managers and architects, system administrators and developers to prepare to deploy the next generation of the specification targeting 200 Gb/s, as well as competitive analysis to other interconnect technologies.

IBTA Members exhibiting at the SC15 include:

  • Bull SAS (#2131)
  • Cisco (#588)
  • Cray, Inc. (#1833)
  • Finisar Corporation (#2018)
  • Fujitsu Limited (#1827)
  • Hewlett-Packard (#603)
  • Hitachi (#1227)
  • IBM (#522)
  • Intel Corporation (#1333, #1533)
  • Lenovo Group LTD (#1509)
  • Mellanox Technologies, Inc. (#613)
  • Microsoft (#1319)
  • Molex Inc. (#268)
  • NetApp (#1537)
  • Oracle (#1327)
  • Samtec (#1943)

For more information, visit the event website.

IBTA Annual Members Meeting, December 3, 2015 at 8 a.m. PST

Save the Date! The IBTA will host its Annual Members Meeting on Thursday, December 3 at 8 a.m. PST via a web conference. IBTA members can expect to receive updates from the organization, including election results and strategies for 2016. Stay tuned for more details.

IBTA at SDI Summit 2015, December 1 – December 3, 2015

Be sure to catch IBTA’s presentation at the SDI Summit 2015 in Santa Clara, CA, covering InfiniBand’s impact on Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI). Motti Beck of member company Mellanox Technologies will focus on the parameters around InfiniBand SDI implementations and how the technology continues to drive innovation in that space. More details to come.

For information on SDI Summit 2015, visit the event website.

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