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Member Announcements
Mellanox Supplies Dell PowerEdge C4130 with FDR InfiniBand
The IBTA Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary
IBTA Welcomes New Member – Netronome
SC14 Recap
Upcoming Tradeshows

OFC Conference
March 17 – 20, 2015

GPU Technology Conference
March 22 – 26, 2015


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November/December 2014

Member Announcements

HP Trades Company-Branded Interconnect Fabric for Infiniband

Timed with the release of a new line of Integrity NonStop X servers, IBTA member HP announced it will cease using its ServerNet interconnect fabric in favor of InfiniBand. The company has been pushing to switch its interconnect strategy to InfiniBand since 2013 and HP believes NonStop X will help make the final move. “With NonStop X, moving the interconnect to InfiniBand is a huge deal, because of the fact that it’s all standard,” says Randy Meyer, HP’s vice president and general manager for the Integrity server lines.

Read the full article from DatacenterDynamics.

Mellanox Supplies Dell PowerEdge C4130 with FDR InfiniBand

IBTA member Mellanox announced at SC14 that its FDR 56Gb/s InfiniBand adapters are included in Dell’s HPC-purposed PowerEdge C4130 servers, enabling higher cluster efficiency and large scalability to tens-of-thousands of nodes. Dell chose Mellanox’s FDR 56Gb/s Infinband to supply customers with industry-leading GPU density that offers balanced scalability with an extremely flexible architecture to optimize application performance within even the most demanding workloads.

Read the full press release for more information.

The IBTA Celebrates Its 15th Anniversary

This year marks the IBTA’s 15th Anniversary. Since 1999, the IBTA has worked to further the InfiniBand specification in order to provide the IT industry with an advanced fabric architecture that transmits large amounts of data between data centers around the globe. In its efforts to unite the industry, the IBTA has welcomed a number of industry power players including 3M, IBM and Microsoft. The association proudly boasts over 50 member companies since 1999, all dedicated to furthering the InfiniBand specification.

Read more about recent achievements and the history of the IBTA here.

IBTA Welcomes New Member – Netronome

The IBTA recently published a blog post welcoming new member Netronome. The company develops high-performance networking solutions for a range of technologies including cloud and enterprise-class communications products. Netronome is currently working with the IBTA’s IBXoE Working Group, but is also interested in getting involved with the Software Working Group and the Compliance and Interoperability Working Group to develop certain RoCE-centered applications for the data center.

SC14 Recap

At SC14 in November, the IBTA was featured in a number of member booths including Mellanox and Microsoft. IBTA Marketing Working Group Chair, Bill Lee, gave presentations in these booths to provide an overview of the association, its members and an update on the InfiniBand specifications. SC14 also provided an opportunity for the IBTA to touch base with industry analysts and identify opportunities for the association to participate in future industry research.

Upcoming Tradeshows

GPU Technology Conference, March 17 – 21, 20, 2015

Below is the full list of IBTA members exhibiting at SC14. Registration and booths are still open, with late registration ending on November 13th. IBTA Marketing Working Group Chair, Bill Lee will be giving several presentations in member booths, including Mellanox and Microsoft booths. Presentations will give an overview of the IBTA, its members, as well as an update on the InfiniBand specification.

At the epicenter of visual computing, the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) is the world's largest and most important GPU developer conference. Below is a list of IBTA members exhibiting at GPU. Registration is currently open and a complete list of speaking sessions will be announced in January 2015. The IBTA will be working with member companies attending the event to identify opportunities to educate attendees on the IBTA and InfiniBand specification.

Members exhibiting:

  • Cisco
  • HP
  • IBM

To register or find more information, visit the GPU website.

OFC, March 22 – 26, 2015

Members exhibiting (with booth #s)

  • Anritsu – 1309
  • AppliedMicro – 2631
  • Broadcom – 1873
  • Cisco – 715
  • FCI USA – 1654
  • Finisar – 1403
  • Hitachi – 1361
  • Mellanox – 2419
  • Molex – 1924
  • Samtec – 1849
  • Sumitomo – 1625
  • TE Connectivity – 1417,1566
  • Tektronix – 1866,2039

For more information, visit the OFC website.

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