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InfiniBand Adoption Across Markets
Interop Las Vegas Call for Papers Now Open
Upcoming SC13 Deadlines & Reminders
August OFA Training Courses

SuperComputing 2013
Nov 17 – 21, 2013

July 2013

InfiniBand Adoption Across Markets

InfiniBand and RDMA are still dominant technologies in the HPC community, as outlined in our June newsletter, where we discussed the most recent TOP500 announcement and highlighted InfiniBand as the interconnect of choice for the world’s most powerful supercomputers. The HPC community is not the only industry benefiting from InfiniBand and RDMA technology, however. With the advancements of the InfiniBand specification and the creation of technologies like RoCE (RDMA over Converged Ethernet), we’re seeing these technologies moving steadily into the Enterprise, with a wide adoption among top Web 2.0 and Cloud providers. RoCE provides a strong platform for deploying RDMA technology in mainstream data centers over 10GbE, 40GbE and beyond, which could be one explanation for the movement into these new environments. Here are some real-world examples of increased adoption of InfiniBand and RDMA technologies, beyond HPC:

  • PayPal’s use of InfiniBand is one example of how the technologys is moving into the Enterprise space. PayPal is a Mellanox InfiniBand shop, having used the technology since 2008 to better provide customers with advanced fraud detection.
  • Microsoft is also taking advantage of InfiniBand’s faster networking capabilities to improve time to results for its Azure cloud customers.
  • There has been quite a bit of news surrounding cloud provider ProfitBricks, which takes advantage of InfiniBand’s faster and more efficient technology. InfiniBand interconnect allows ProfitBricks customers faster access to both networks and connections between individual virtual servers and the database server.

The above examples illustrate InfiniBand’s steady growth beyond HPC and into other environments. Be sure to stay tuned to the IBTA blog where we will continue to expand on this trend.

Interop Las Vegas Call for Papers Now Open

The call for speakers for Interop Las Vegas, taking place next Spring, is now open through
October 6, 2013.

Guidelines for entry:

  • Content must be interesting, nonpartisan and content agnostic
  • Must educate about current IT innovations, challenges and trends only; no product-related submissions
  • Priority is given to speakers in technical roles, especially IT

More information on call for papers as well as on the overall conference and registration can be found on the Interop Las Vegas website.

Upcoming SC13 Deadlines & Reminders

  • August 15: Full Submissions due for Network Research Exhibition Proposals
  • September 14: Confirmation due for Scavenger Hunt Participation
  • September 30: Occupancy lists for exhibitor housing blocks due
  • October 18: Last day for making hotel reservations
  • October 18: Last day for canceling hotel reservations with no penalty
  • October 18 through November 6: Late requests for hotel reservations will be accommodated if possible
  • November 14: Off-site registration closes
  • November 17: SC13 Conference begins
  • November 18: SC13 Exhibit Floor opens
  • November 21: SC13 Awards Ceremony; SC13 Exhibit Floor closes
  • November 22: SC13 Conference ends

For more information, please refer to the SC13 website.

August OFA Training Courses

InfiniBand Fabric Administration Training Courses
From August 20-21, the InfiniBand Fabric Administration will offer a hands-on training course for managing an InfiniBand Fabric. This course will provide students with a clear understanding of the key issues of fabric management and administration and will accustom students to administering an InfiniBand Fabric.

This course fee is $2495.

For more information, please visit the InfiniBand Training Courses website, or view the InfiniBand Fabric Administration Course syllabus.

Writing Application Programs for RDMA Using OFA Software
During this two day course, application developers will gain hands-on experience coding applications directly to the Verbs API using the OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution (OFED) and related software tools. This course runs from August 22-23 and includes classroom instruction.

This course costs $2495.

For more information, please visit the OFA Training Courses website, or view the Programming Course syllabus.

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