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ISC13 Speaking Submission Deadlines
VMware: InfiniBand in Cloud Applications to Grow in 2013
OpenFabrics Alliance User Day Workshop
OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop

January 2013

ISC13 Speaking Submission Deadlines

The International Supercomputing Conference takes place this June, in Leipzig, Germany. Twice a year the high performance computing (HPC) community comes together to learn from experts and discuss how technology is changing, evolving and improving supercomputers and data centers. This year, the events’ focus is on scalable applications with 50k+ CPU or GPU cores, in addition to the below topic tracks:

  • Architectures
  • Storage & Data
  • Algorithms & Analysis
  • Software Engineering in HPC
  • Large Scale Simulations
  • Supercomputing Facility
  • Future Trends
  • Scalable Applications: 50k+

As a presenter at ISC, you will join an elite group of 300 HPC experts to discuss the future of the industry and the newest technologies in computing. If you are interested in presenting at ISC13 on behalf of your company or the IBTA, check out the below submission links and deadlines.

Need more information? Visit the ISC13 website for more details.

VMware: InfiniBand in Cloud Applications to Grow in 2013

In a recent post on the VMware blog, industry expert Josh Simons highlighted his predictions for Enterprise Computing and HPC markets in 2013. Of particular interest to the IBTA and its member companies, Simons noted that RDMA will continue to play an important role in the enterprise data center this year.

The most important announcement in 2012 related to HPC in the Cloud: Microsoft’s statement that they will be supporting InfiniBand with Azure. And to drive home the point, they put a machine on the TOP500 list this year. The larger value to the HPC community is obvious: It demonstrates that cloud computing can feasibly be used for more than just throughput/capacity applications. […] Enabling RDMA within cloud environments will move the discussion beyond throughput applications into the realm of many HPC applications that are not currently addressable in virtualized environments.-Josh Simons, VMware

Additionally, Josh expects interconnects, including InfiniBand, to continue to strengthen their trajectories by providing data center customers with high-bandwidth, low-latency solutions. According to his blog post he believes that “if low-latency interconnects move on-chip to become ubiquitously available, then the case for expanding support for such interconnects as a fundamental component of a virtual environment would be greatly strengthened.”

To read Josh’s full post where he details his predictions for the cloud, HPC and virtualization markets, head to the VMware blog.

OpenFabrics Alliance User Day Workshop

The annual OFA User Day Workshop is scheduled to take place on April 18 and 19 at the Monterey Marriot in Monterey, California. Last year, the conversations around RDMA and InfiniBand vs. Ethernet inspired lively and informative discussions throughout the IBTA.

Top 5 Reasons to Attend the OFA User Conference

  1. Meet and share experiences with other OFS Users
  2. Discuss OFS implementation hurdles and successes
  3. Attend technical presentations that will further your understanding of how OFS works
  4. Learn about new and upcoming OFS capabilities
  5. Find out what other organizations are using OFS for

If you’re interested in attending this year’s OFA workshop, check out the event’s page.

OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop

Our sister-association, the OpenFabrics Alliance will be hosting its annual Developer Workshop in April. The 3.5 day workshop includes sessions related to the development and improvement of OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution, an interoperable software stack for leading RDMA transports for Linux and for Windows. The workshop also includes speaking and panel sessions on major technological developments within this industry.

The OpenFabrics International Developer Workshop kicks off Sunday, April 21 at 7:30 pm with a keynote and is immediately followed by a reception. Sessions begin the following morning Monday, April 22 at 8:00 am.

Who Should Attend:

This workshop is open to anyone with the desire to provide collaborative input into the direction and mechanics of OFED; this includes developers, technologists, supporters, end users and business professionals. Non-OFA members welcome.


  • When: April 21-24, 2013
  • Where: Monterey Marriott, Monterey, Calif.
  • Cost: Early bird registration is available through March 15th at $495 per person (plus a $9.95 online service fee).

After March 16th, registration is $595 per person (plus a $9.95 online service fee).

Do you want to attend the OFA Developer Workshop? Learn more here.

Steering Committee Updates

The following IBTA members were confirmed as Steering Committee Directors for 2013.

  • Paul Grun – Cray Inc.
  • Scott Misage – HP
  • Mark Atkins – IBM
  • Jim Pappas – Intel
  • Marc Sultzbaugh – Mellanox
  • David Brean – Oracle

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