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Check out the latest happenings within the IBTA and InfiniBand community. Now posted: "OpenFabrics Alliance Update and Invitation to Sonoma Workshop."
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OFA’s 6th Annual International Sonoma Workshop, Sonoma, California, March 14-19, 2010.
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IBTA Spring Plugfest, Durham, New Hampshire, April 26-30, 2010
International Supercomputing Conference (ISC), Hamburg, Germany, May 31-June 3, 2010

The IBTA February e-newsletter gives a sneak peak at some upcoming events for 2010, including the spring Plugfest and presence at SC10. We are also in the process of planning news around Interop this April and ISC in June. The next few months promise to be busy for the association with an updated InfiniBand roadmap in the works. Stay tuned!

A few press highlights to draw your attention to:

From, a story on Partners HealthCare deploying InfiniBand in a clustered network-attached storage system - "Partners originally went with Gigabit Ethernet to keep costs down, but we started to look at InfiniBand for latency."

From, an article on SGI and hosted supercomputing services - "Cyclone uses InfiniBand interconnections for speedy connections between machines because many technical computing applications rely on such quick communication."

From ZDNet UK, an article titled Infiniband - Boldly Going Where No Architecture Has Gone Before - "With an integrated Ethernet gateway which bridges traffic between Ethernet-based networks via an InfiniBand switch, the Voltaire 4036E is one of many new developments we will soon witness utilsing Infinband to provide unsurpassed performance."

Brian Sparks and Kevin Judd
IBTA Marketing Working Group Co-Chairs


Dates for the 17th IBTA Compliance and Interoperability Plugfest have been set for April 26-30, 2010. Testing is hosted at the University of New Hampshire’s Interoperability Lab ( which includes more than 32,000 square feet of lab space.

Plugfests provide an opportunity for InfiniBand™ device and cable vendors to test their products for compliance with the InfiniBand architecture specification, as well as interoperability with other InfiniBand products.

More information on the Plugfest, including registration information, will be posted on the IBTA website soon.


We’ve reorganized the Resources section on the IBTA website to accommodate more multimedia content from the IBTA and its members. If you have any InfiniBand-related podcasts, video and/or webinars that you would like to promote to the InfiniBand community, please contact


Recent InfiniBand articles that have posted this month:

Oracle unveils Exadata V2 in Indian market; Information Week; Feb. 23, 20100

Server Room Management in a Post-Oracle/Sun World; ServerWatch; By Drew Robb; Feb. 19, 2010

Health care system rolls its own data storage 'cloud' for researchers; Search Storage; By Dave Raffo; Feb. 19, 2010

SGI Offers Supercomputing as a Service; ARNet, TechWorld, Computer World (Australia, UK), IDG, The Industry Standard, InfoWorld, IT World,, PC World, San Francisco Chronicle; By Nancy Gohring; Feb. 11, 2010

High computing promises elixir of life; ZDNet Asia; By Kevin Kwang; Feb. 11, 2010

SAN specialists not required for Exadata implementations; Search Storage; Feb. 09, 2010

Science Discovery: The Next Computing Landscape; Cloud Computing Journal; By: Tong Liu; Gilad Shainer; Brian Sparks; Scot Schultz; Eric Lantz; Feb, 09, 2010

Infiniband – Boldly Going Where No Architecture Has Gone Before; ZDNet UK; By Archie Hendryx; Feb. 08, 2010