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The IBTA Integrators’ List is a compilation of all products that have been tested and accepted by the IBTA as being compliant with the InfiniBand™ architecture specification. New products are added every spring and fall, following each Plugfest event. Vendors with products on the list receive access to a special marketing program and logos which may be used in promotional materials and affixed to their cables and devices. The Integrators’ List was started in 2003 and currently contains hundreds of InfiniBand-compliant products.

The Integrators’ List is designed to support data center managers, CIOs and other IT professionals with their planned deployment of InfiniBand solutions. End users and OEMs frequently reference the IBTA Integrators’ List prior to the deployment of InfiniBand-related systems, including both small clusters and large-scale clusters of 1,000 nodes or more. Many OEMs use the list as a gateway in the procurement process.

Combined Cable and Device Integrators' List - In April 2015, the IBTA hosted its 27th Plugfest at the UNH-IOL. Vendors had the opportunity to place their cables and devices through a rigorous testing process to determine compliance with the specification. Successfully passing the compliance requirements (as governed by the IL Policy) permitted these cables to be placed on the Integrators' List. Both the cables and the devices were then put through exhaustive Interoperability testing using the Open MPI test suite. The following is the most current list of cables and devices that have passed these tests.

RoCE Interoperability List – First Results Published
The first RoCE Interoperability Plugfest was held in April at the University of New Hampshire. Fifteen member companies participated in this industry event. Products that passed interoperability testing are published on the RoCE Interoperability List.  These Interoperability results represent system tests and include the testing of the entire environment including device transmitters, cable media and device receivers. The Interoperability results include 40 GbE RoCE devices and QSFP cables.

The document that governs this testing process is the Integrators' List (IL) Policy.

For more information on the IBTA Integrators' List, download the Integrators' List Brochure.

Methods of Implementation (MOI) - Please visit the MOI page to view and download MOI documents developed by the CIWG and the Test Equipment (TE) vendors. These MOIs are used to test both devices and cables at the IBTA Plugfests.

IBTA Integrators' List Logo Library

The IBTA Integrators' List Logo Library contains members only file downloads for IBTA logos and usage guidelines.

Archives - InfiniBand Device and Cable Integrators' Lists

An Integrators' List has been published for each Plugfest since #5 in June 2003. The following are links to these archived lists.

Archives - InfiniBand Cables

Cables have been tested at every Plugfest since #5 in June 2003. The following are links to lists of cables that have successfully past the testing requirements at the time

Disclaimer: The InfiniBand Trade Association disclaims all warranties and liabilities for the use of any product listed in this document and assumes no responsibility for any errors that appear in this document nor for the compliance testing performed for any of the listed products