InfiniBand Solutions: Product Details

InfiniScale III


Mellanox Technologies, Inc.

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The InfiniScale III is Mellanoxs third generation InfiniBand switch silicon device used to create reliable, scalable, and easy to manage interconnect fabrics for compute, communication, storage, and embedded applications. The device supports twenty-four 4X ports or eight 12X InfiniBand ports or a combination of both port types. The single data rate (SDR) version of the InfiniScale III supports 10Gb/s per 4X port and 30Gb/s per 12X port delivering 480Gb/s of aggregate bandwidth. The double data rate (DDR) version of the InfiniScale III supports 20Gb/s per 4X port and 60Gb/s per 12X port delivering 960Gb/s of aggregate bandwidth. The architecture features an intelligent nonblocking, packet switch design with an advanced scheduling engine that provides quality of service with switching latencies of less than 200 nanoseconds. The InfiniScale III architecture also scales efficiently to allow designers to create InfiniBand switch systems that support nonblocking clusters over 10,000 nodes. This combination of unmatched bandwidth, inherent low latency design, and the reliability of InfiniBand fabrics, makes this device the ultimate building block for high bandwidth clusters for data center applications and High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters.

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