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Mellanox Technologies, Inc.

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Use of clustered commodity servers, in lieu of traditional supercomputers and mainframes, offers tremendous price/performance benefits and unparalleled flexibility in deployment and long-term maintenance. To enable distributed computing transparently, HPC applications require the highest bandwidth and lowest possible latency. In enterprise data center (EDC) applications, these requirements are compounded with the need to support a large interoperable ecosystem of networking, virtualization, storage, and other applications and interfaces. The WinIB Collection from Mellanox Technologies is designed, packaged and supported to enable OEMs to meet the needs of HPC and EDC applications. Attain Higher Bandwidth and Lower Latency For HPC applications, WinIB offers the popular and well-deployed Message Passing Interface (MPI2) implementation. Bandwidth results in excess of 1300MB/s and application latencies lower than 4 microseconds have been achieved. For traditional TCP/IP and sockets-based applications, WinIB offers a robust and fieldproven implementation of IP-over-IB to enable IP-based applications to work seamlessly over InfiniBand and perform at levels higher than Ethernet. WinIB also includes an InfiniBand implementation of Windows Sockets Direct Protocol (WSD) and the IBTA defined Sockets Direct Protocol (SDP) for enabling traditional TCP/IP sockets-based applications to capitalize on the RDMA and transport off-load capabilities of InfiniBand. To enable traditional SCSI-based storage applications to enjoy similar RDMA performance benefits, WinIB, in the future, will provide the SCSI over RDMA Protocol (SRP) initiator.

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