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The InfiniScale is the second generation of Mellanoxs InfiniBand switch silicon devices and the first member of the InfiniScale switching product family. The InfiniBand Architecture delivers Bandwidth Out of the Box on a reliable, simple to manage and highly available fabric. The InfiniScale is the first single chip InfiniBand switch that enables 10Gb/s data center bandwidth for clustering, communication and storage. High Performance Silicon The InfiniScale is an eight-port 10Gb/s 4X InfiniBand switch with integrated physical layer. The device features eight full wire speed, non-blocking full duplex 10Gb/s ports with more than 160Gb/s of aggregate bandwidth. The architecture features an intelligent non-blocking, packet switch design with an advanced scheduling engine that provides quality of service with breakthrough performance. The InfiniScale architecture has the ability to scale beyond its eight non-blocking 10Gb/s ports with multiple switch device. Integrated Physical Layer SerDes The InfiniScale device integrates thirty-two 2.5Gb/s SerDes in a single 520-pin package, making it the first InfiniBand semiconductor to include both core logic and physical layer in a single device. This high level of integration reduces both power and system cost, simplifies board designs, reduces PCB size, and eliminates external physical layer parts which makes it an ideal switching solution for todays data center applications. This level of integration enables system vendors to build a complete eight-port 10Gb/s InfiniBand switch using only a single chip. InfiniScale MT43132 Product Development Kit Mellanox offers customers a complete Product Development Kit (PDK) for the InfiniScale device. The PDK includes an eight-port switch with standard 4X copper connectors packaged in a 1U chassis and includes schematics, layout, bill of materials, and a software development kit (SDK). The SDK contains driver development code, application examples, and debug/development tools, enabling customers to develop InfiniBand switches based on the reference software. The PDK is also supported by software management solutions from third-party InfiniBand software suppliers.

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