InfiniBand Solutions: Product Details

InfiniScale IV - 36-port, 40Gb/s InfiniBand Switch Silicon


Mellanox Technologies, Inc.

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InfiniBand provides the highest bandwidth, lowest latency, and most scalable interconnect for servers and storage. The fourth generation switching architecture from Mellanox, InfiniScale IV, improves these leading attributes further, making InfiniBand an obvious choice for the most demanding applications. InfiniScale IV silicon products using this architecture will be used by system architects to construct some of the worlds most powerful computing systems, and for carrying converged traffic with the best combination of bandwidth and granular quality of service. KEY FEATURES: - 36 4X or 12 8X or 12 12X InfiniBand ports, or a combination or port types - 2.88 Tb/s switching capacity - IBTA 1.2 compliant - IBTA compliant auto-negotiation - Flexible port configurations - Adaptive routing - Congestion control - Quality of Service enforcement - Virtual subnets - Port mirroring

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