InfiniBand Solutions: Product Details

InfiniHost III Lx


Mellanox Technologies, Inc.

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The Mellanox InfiniHost III Lx is a single-port 4X InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA) silicon device that enables the expansion of PCI Express infrastructure in the data center and high performance computing environments. The 4X InfiniBand port on the InfiniHost III Lx supports either 10Gb/s (SDR version) or 20Gb/s (DDR version). The InfiniBand port features four integrated 2.5Gb/s (SDR version) or 5Gb/s (DDR version) SerDes interfaces eliminating the requirement for external physical layer devices. By providing world-class latency and high bandwidth connectivity over a PCI Express x8 interface, the devices provide the optimal solution for high-performance server and storage clustering. Used as either a Host or Target Channel Adapter, InfiniHost III Lx devices feature MemFree Technology. MemFree allows system memory, as opposed to locally attached memory, to store connection informationsaving cost, power and board area. Consuming around 3W (SDR version) or 3.5W (DDR version), and with a small overall footprint, the InfiniHost III Lx is ideal for Landed on Motherboard (LOM) and Blade Server designs. The InfiniHost III Lx also maintains binary software compatibility with the InfiniHost III Ex (MT25208), and leverages existing device drivers, verbs software libraries, and upper layer protocols for faster time to market.

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