InfiniBand Solutions: Product Details

ZL60615 CX-4 Active Optical Cable


Zarlink Semiconductor

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Zarlink's ZL60615 ZLynx is a fully integrated electrical-optical-electrical (EOE) cable designed for direct connection to industry-standard 4-wide I/O electrical high-speed powered CX-4 and InfiniBand ports. Designed for interconnecting enterprise data centers and high-performance computer clusters, the optical fiber-based cable is a plug-and-play solution that delivers significant weight, flexibility and reach advantages versus copper-based cables. The product supports data rates up to InfiniBand single data rate (SDR) and dual data rate (DDR), as well as XAUI-10 GbE applications of 3.125 Gbps per channel. The ZL60615 ZLynx cable supports an extended reach of up to 100 meters. In comparison, copper is limited to a reach of less than 10 meters. The optical cable is 60 percent more flexible and 80 percent smaller and lighter than 24-gauge copper cable. These flexibility and weight advantages provide system installers with reduced installation times and improved airflow management while eliminating weight-related layout concerns.

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