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QLogic InfiniBand Fabric Suite


QLogic Corporation / Cavium Inc.

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InfiniBand Fabric Suite 7.0 Maximizing Investments in High Performance Computing Around the world and across all industries high performance computing (HPC) is used to solve today's most demanding problems. As ever larger and more complex computing challenges have become more common, powerful software tools that simplify the configuration, management and performance of InfiniBand fabrics have never been more important. Legacy InfiniBand management software tools cannot effectively manage and scale application performance to meet the needs of today's HPC clusters. Designed specifically for HPC, QLogic InfiniBand Fabric Suite (IFS) 7 is a complete fabric management solution that maximizes investments in high performance computing by enabling users to get the highest levels of performance, efficiency and ease of management from InfiniBand connected HPC clusters of any size. QLogic InfiniBand Fabric Suite 7 sets new standards for HPC cluster performance and management. As clusters scale upward, management issues, ranging from installation and configuration to fabric verification and optimization play a vital role in making certain the interconnect fabric is capable of supporting the ever growing workloads. Aside from fabric deployment and monitoring, IFS optimizes the performance of message passing applications - from advanced routing algorithms to quality of service (QoS) that ensure all HPC resources are fully and wisely utilized. To learn more about QLogic InfiniBand Fabric Suite 7.0 please visit

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