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InfiniHost III Lx MHES14-XT HCA


Mellanox Technologies, Inc.

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InfiniHost III Lx single-port 4X InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter (HCA) cards connect to the host system through a PCI Express interface. Single data rate (SDR) InfiniHost III Lx cards support 10Gb/s InfiniBand connections while the double data rate (DDR) version supports 20Gb/s InfiniBand connections. InfiniHost III Lx HCA cards deliver the most cost effective 10 or 20Gb/s solution available and feature remote direct memory access (RDMA), hardware transport, and advanced per queue pair (QP) QoS services. The MHES14-X card can be directly inserted into PCI Express x4 or wider slots, while both the MHES18-X and MHGS18-X can be directly inserted into PCI Express x8 or wider slots of standard servers, blade servers, storage and communications platforms to provide node connectivity for InfiniBand fabrics. All adapter cards utilize a 4X MicroGigaCN InfiniBand compliant connector for copper cables. This copper connector provides the lowest cost 10 or 20Gb/s connection available. In addition, a pluggable media adapter module can be used for fiber connections up to 300m. Feature Highlights Enabled by the high-bandwidth and low-latency capability of PCI Express, the InfiniHost III Lx cards feature MemFree technology. This removes the requirement for local memory on the PCI Express adapter card itself, and instead, uses system memory to store connection informationresulting in lower power, lower adapter card cost, and smaller physical size. InfiniHost III Lx HCA Cards feature a full hardware implementation of the InfiniBand architecture memory protection and translation tables, as well as hardware transport. This drastically reduces processing overhead and allows the host CPU to spend its cycles on processing applications rather than network transport tasks. Configuration and management of the adapter card can be handled through the PCI Express interface or in-band through the InfiniBand fabric.

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