InfiniBand Solutions: Product Details

Voltaire® Grid Director 4700


Voltaire, Inc.

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Voltaire's fourth generation Grid Director 4000 series of smart switches addresses the growing size and complexity of clusters with 40 Gb/s connectivity, advanced carrier-class management and a unique HyperScale stackable architecture. The Voltaire Grid Director 4700 is a director-class switch that features 324 ports of 40 Gb/s InfiniBand connectivity in a 19U chassis and between 100 and 300 nanoseconds of port-to-port latency. The switch's HyperScale architecture provides a unique inter-switch link capability for stacking multiples of 324 ports to form highly scalable, cost effective, and low latency fabrics. As a result, I/O bottlenecks common with multi-core servers are removed, allowing applications to operate at maximum efficiency. With configurations of up to 324 ports or double-sided 648 ports of 40 Gb/s per port InfiniBand connectivity, the Voltaire Grid Director 4700 delivers an impressive 51.8 Tbps of non-blocking bandwidth and the lowest latency in the industry. Its smart design provides unprecedented levels of performance and makes it easy to build clusters that can scale out to thousands of nodes.

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