Past Events

Past Events


October 17-28, 2016
Durham, NH

IBTA Plugfest #30 will provide an opportunity for participants to measure their products for compliance with the InfiniBand™ architecture Specification as well as interoperability with other InfiniBand products.



August 9-11, 2016
Santa Clara, CA

The Flash Memory Summit is open to everyone involved in the design, development, integration, marketing, use, or support of flash memory, or related hardware, software, or services. The program will provide attendees with practical information on the current state of flash memory and its applications.


April 4-15, 2016
Durham, NH

IBTA Plugfest #29 will provide an opportunity for participants to measure their products for compliance with the InfiniBand™ architecture Specification as well as interoperability with other InfiniBand products.


April 4-8, 2016
Monterey, CA

The OpenFabrics Alliance (OFA) Annual Workshop is the premier event for collaboration between OpenFabrics Software (OFS) producers and those whose systems and applications depend on the technology. Every year, the workshop generates lively exchanges among Alliance members, developers and users who all share a vested interest in high performance networks. The OFA hosts its workshop annually as a joint effort among open source networking community members. The objective is to create an event driven by the needs and interests of attendees. As a result, the audience profiles continue to expand. Attending software developers and distributers are now joined by a growing number of OFS consumers including:

  • Application end users
  • Enterprise data center managers
  • Network technology researchers
  • Networking middleware developers
  • Operating system vendors
  • Storage vendors
  • System & network administrators
  • System OEMs, architects & integrators


January 4 – January 5, 2016
Las Vegas, NV

Attending the upcoming Storage Visions Conference 2016? Check out IBTA’s contribution to the “Keeping it Now: Emerging Storage Technologies” session track on Tuesday, January 5 at 5 p.m. Rob Davis of member company Mellanox Technologies will present on the rise of NVMe over Fabrics, the resulting changes to storage and networking and RDMA’s role in that transformation. For more details, view the full 2016 conference agenda.


December 3, 2015 at 8 a.m. PST
Web Conference

Hear IBTA representatives provide an overview of 2015 activities and an update on the organization’s plans for next year. Specifically, members will receive a State of the Association and an overview of 2016 goals and strategies from the steering committee as well as updates from the working group chairs. Additionally, the results of the annual election to determine the IBTA Steering Committee Directors for 2016 will be announced. For registration details, contact


December 1 – December 3, 2015
Santa Clara, CA

Be sure to catch IBTA’s presentation covering InfiniBand’s impact on Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI). Motti Beck of member company Mellanox Technologies will focus on the parameters around InfiniBand SDI implementations and how the technology continues to drive innovation in that space. More details to come.


November 17, 2015 at 12:15 p.m.
Supercomputing Conference 2015
Austin, TX

Join the IBTA at SC15 as it hosts a Birds of a Feather session focused on “The Challenge of A Billion Billion Calculations per Second: InfiniBand Roadmap Shows the Future of the High Performance Standard Interconnect for Exascale Programs”. This session will share the InfiniBand Roadmap, the latest additions to it with the goal of enabling data center managers and architects, system administrators and developers to prepare to deploy the next generation of the specification targeting 200 Gb/s, as well as competitive analysis to other interconnect technologies.

Panelists include:

  • Pavan Balaji, Computer Scientist, Argonne National Laboratory
  • Bob Ciotti, Chief Architect/Supercomputing Systems Lead, NASA
  • Gilad Shainer, VP Marketing, Mellanox Technologies
  • Ola Tørudbakken, Architect, Oracle

Session to be moderated by IBTA Marketing Working Group Co-Chairs Brandon Hoff and Bill Lee.


November 15 – November 20, 2015
Austin, TX

SC15 brings together the international supercomputing community—an unparalleled ensemble of scientists, engineers, researchers, educators, programmers, system administrators and developers—for an exceptional program of technical papers, informative tutorials, timely research posters and Birds-of-a-Feather (BOF) sessions.

Exhibiting IBTA members include:

  • 3M (#2710)
  • Bull SAS (#2131)
  • Cisco (#588)
  • Cray, Inc. (#1833)
  • Finisar Corporation (#2018)
  • Fujitsu Limited (#1827)
  • Hewlett-Packard (#603)
  • Hitachi (#1227)
  • IBM (#522)
  • Intel Corporation (#1333, #1533)
  • Lenovo Group LTD (#1509)
  • Mellanox Technologies, Inc. (#613)
  • Microsoft (#1319)
  • Molex Inc. (#268)
  • NetApp (#1537)
  • Oracle (#1327)
  • Samtec (#1943)



October 12 - October 23, 2015
Durham, NH


September  21 – September 24, 2015
Santa Clara, CA

Learn about leading storage development topics including File Systems, Software Defined Storage, SMB, Security, Performance and more. Be sure to check out IBTA’s session on “Nonvolatile Memory (NVM), Four Trends in the Modern Data Center, and the Implications for the Design of Next Generation Distributed Storage Platforms”. For more details, view the session overview.

Event sponsors/partners include the following IBTA members:

  • HP
  • Intel
  • Microsoft
  • NetApp

August 18-20, 2015
San Francisco, CA
Moscone Center

August 11-13, 2015
Santa Clara Convention Center
Santa Clara, CA


October 20-31, 2014
Durham, NH


Annual Members Meeting – presentation and recording of the meeting can be found in the Members Area

November 17-21, 2013
Denver, CO


October 7-18, 2013
Durham, NH


October 14-18, 2013
Durham, NH

April 21-23, 2013
Monterey, California

April 18-19, 2013
Monterey, California

April 1-12, 2013
Durham, New Hampshire

October 15-19, 2012
Durham, New Hampshire

August 6-7, 2012
Argonne National Labs, Lemont, IL

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QSFP cables have been used for InfiniBand connectivity for over 2 years, allowing users of the technology to build up an experience base of what works and what has caused trouble.  QLogic has tested many different cables from many different vendors and has developed a list of ‘user-side’ implementation issues seen.  With an increase in new cable vendors implementing QSFP-based cables, there is often a recurrence of past mistakes made by previous vendors.  This presentation will go through some of the common mistakes seen in QSFP cables, covering both mechanical plug issues as well as memory map and I2C errors.

The Lodge at Sonoma
Sonoma, CA